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SAT 起源於美國,並且在全球超過 1000 所大學中受到認可,大部分大學申請時不需要其他證書。

證書有效期從最近考試開始算起,為期 5 年。





Subject Tests


數學 1 Math Level 1

數學 2 Math Level 2

物理 Physics

化學 Chemistry

生物 Biology

獨特教學 獲取佳績 Achieve Greater Success 

  • 擁有教授十年本地和國際考試經驗的頂級教師

  • 尋找適合學生的訓練方案和考試技巧

  • 獨特的教學風格和多元化的教學材料

  • 擁有最新的 SAT 歷屆試卷和模擬試卷

  • 幫助學生訂立更高的目標和取得更大的成就

  • Premium tutors who have taught local and international exams for ten years

  • Intensive training + extensive exam skills

  • Unique teaching styles and concise learning materials

  • Up-to-date past papers and countlessly many practice papers

  • Help students aim higher and achieve greater success

協助學生 考取佳績  Unleash Students' Potential

  • 為 SAT 得分 1300 - 1400 的學生提升 100 分

  • 為 SAT 得分 1500 的學生提升 30 - 70 分

  • 一個月內令學生的 SAT 數學分數從 730 提升到 800 (滿分)

  • 幫助學生在 SAT 學科測驗: 數學和物理考獲 800 分 (滿分)

  • 挖掘學生最大的潛能

  • Improve by 100 points for students who score 1300 - 1400

  • Improve by 30 - 50 points for students who score 1500

  • Help students improve by 70 points and score a perfect 800 on the SAT Math Section in one month only

  • Help students earn 800 on the SAT Math and Physics Subject Tests

  • Unleash students’ full potential

SAT Result.jpeg


DBS G12 Student

Chan, a DBS G12 student, has followed Davis’s intensive SAT physics class for only three months and eventually got a score of 800 on his first SAT physics subject test.


Davis knows how to specially prepare DBS students for the test even though HKDSE physics curriculum doesn’t cover as much as SAT physics requires. Most of Davis’s DBS G11-12 students have done very well on school physics exam as well as the SAT physics under his supervision.

SSAT result 2020_Chan.jpeg


SAT 起源於美國,並且在全球超過 1000 所大學中受到認可,大部分大學申請時不需要其他證書。證書有效期從最近考試開始算起,為期 5 年。

我們的 SAT 課程均由頂级老師指導,並且明白學生的問題。我們擁有豐富的教學經驗、獨特的教學風格及度身訂造的教學材料。

除此之外,我們承諾短時間內提供密集的訓練課程和傳授有用的考試技巧。我們的筆記有重點的摘錄、按重點課題排序的練習及最新的 SAT 歷屆試卷和模擬試卷,使學生可以更好地代入考試狀態和熟悉 SAT 真實試卷的題目。



在過往一年,我們有很多成功的案例。我們見證了一位較年幼的學生,在短短兩個月內,於 SAT 學術評估推理測驗的數學部分的得分從 620 分躍升到 760 分; 我們見證了另一位學生在短短一個月內,將其 SAT 學術評估推理測驗的分數從 1470 提升到 1530;最初在 SAT 學術評估推理測驗的數學部分只獲得 730 分的一名學生,最終也在數學部分獲取了 800 分的優良成績 (滿分); 還有幾位學生在 SAT 數學 2 和物理試卷上獲取 800 分 (滿分)。這些成功的案例並不是奇蹟,而是僅僅取決於學生如何努力執行我們為他們所訂立的計劃。



SAT originated in the USA. It is recognized by more than 1000 universities around the globe. No other certificates are required for most of the universities applications. The SAT scores are valid for 5 full years from the date you sit for the SAT.


We have senior tutors who understand students’ problems. Each tutor has years’ experience, their unique teaching methods and tailor-made teaching and learning materials.

On top of that, we promise to provide intensive training sessions and pass them useful exam skills in a short period of time. Our concise teaching and learning materials consist of key notes, topical exercises, up-to-date SAT past papers and practice papers that can truly familiarise our students with the questions in the real test. The teachers’ abundant experience and direct guidance can make students improve effectively on their weaknesses. Students who practise regularly under our supervision can boost their confidence in the subject, leading them to aim higher and achieve greater success.


Throughout the past year, our students achieved their desired scores on both the SAT Reasoning Test and Subject Tests.  We witnessed one student improve from 620 to 760 on the mathematics section in two months’ time; we witnessed another student improve her score from 1470 to 1530 in just one month’s time. One student who originally had 730 on the math section eventually scored a perfect 800 on it. On the other hand, several students scored 800 on the SAT MATH Level 2 and SAT Physics. These successful cases are not miracles, but each of them solely depends on how the students have made efforts to execute what we have planned for them.


In short, we unleash students’ full potential and make them improve their confidence as our primary goal. Ae we believe, students can build up right learning attitude and healthy confidence through adequate efforts and proper guidance. Success will then come automatically.

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